Friday, August 17, 2007

Did you just feel that?

Is it a feeling or is it a certain smell? A whiff of fresher air and elmers' glue. Whatever it is, it's means it's back to school time and I can feel it. I think we are all ready for it. Summer is officially over in our household when no one wants to go swimming except for me.

For me, it means instant schedule. I am a pool rat in the summer. Laundry and dishes are neglected for brown skin, scorched hair and wet towels. It's really, really good for a very short time, and then my family starts to resent living in a pig pen. Thankfully, school comes along to get everything back to normal.

We still need three back packs, a package of dry erase markers, a black folder and pencils. I have all the spiral notes books we will ever need again. At .10 each I am considering wall papering my home with them.

I'm ready for jeans and sweater weather, to pick up my knitting, to bake pumpkin-y things. I'm ready for the leaves to change, for warm days and cool nights and less bugs and bed times and candles in the window and a clean house.

These things just can't happen in the summer because they take effort and it's hot and the pool is open and I can't sit still. Summer is the season for ADD for me. It's good while it lasts but I'm glad it's short. One can only take so much chaos and chlorine.

So now with school almost here and a structured work schedule for me I may be able to carve out a little time to have a complete thought and write it down. Get back into my blog groove. Shake out the cob webs. I've missed my little shiny journal time with you.

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wilsonian said...

Yaaaay! :)