Thursday, September 28, 2006

My kids a poet

** This is a poem my 8th grade daughter has written for her English assignment. Since I have a photo illustration and am bursting with pride, I thought I would share it. Don't tell! P.S. I get to go see her read it aloud at school today. :)

I am in the Pacific Ocean
Alone with my quiet thoughts
Ankle deep, I stand in the foamy, cool ocean water
The waves roll in and I see the sun dip into the ocean
The mighty waves crash onto the sandy beach
I breath in the refreshing ocean air
I taste the salt of the sea on my lips
The cool breeze blows my hair, the sun warms my face, and I feel the churning ocean water tugging at my feet
My soul is at peace
I am on the sandy beach


shanna said...

This was worth sharing, thanks! Props to the girl!

blackbird said...

-just lovely...