Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Chickens and such

Before I had kids, if you asked me "Guess what?", my answer would've been... Chicken Butt!

I loved saying that. I guess 14 years ago it was unique and funny and clever and witty and not as stupid as it sounds now?? Maybe?

Then I had a sweet, little ball of pink fluff who, in no time flat, became repeat to my 'peat'. When your toddler says chicken butt a hundred times a day it ceases to become amusing. When they say it to every stranger and teach it to every kid in the nursery it becomes downright embarrassing.

Not as embarrassing as my old neighbor, whose son would scream the 'sh' version of chicken manure any time a pre-school worker would try to change his diaper or in any way try to rein him in. Then, my little problem just became amusing again. Misery loves company.

Anyway, knowing how stupid I used to sound, and how much trouble those two little words caused in my world, why do I want to purchase this absurd shirt?

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shanna said...

LOL! Man, that's funny.