Friday, July 10, 2009

Say it, don't spray it...

I'm learning to sing Gilbert & Sullivan.

It ain't easy.

It's so fast and so many words and the word order is so different than how we talk. For example, we say, "The blue sky is beautiful". G & S say, "How beautifully blue the sky".

But it's so much FUN! And for some reason it's so much easier to hit the high notes when one is trying to sound like an opera singer.
My dress is being built right now, so I'll be sure to post pictures when it's done.
And now, an ethical question:
Today was 1/2 off dresses at the Goodwill. Found a couple I like. One in particular I like and it fits, and I think that even though my daughter was not crazy about it, I would probably wear it.
Anyway... One of the dresses still has a Macy's tag on it and has the little sticker on it that says "Receipt Free Return". I have a feeling that I could take it back to the department store and be a little richer.
Is that Kosher? It's brand new with the tag on it. I spent five dollars, but suppose I could get a $30. credit at Macy's? I have my eye on some skin care at Clinique and this dress might just pay for it.
I'm just wondering what you think?


blackbird said...

Well, first, I'm very impressed that you are learning G & S - I cannot imagine how hard that must be.
As for the dress, you'll have to be brave but it's not like you are stealing from someone. Someone paid full price for the dress?

The Coffee Lady said...

As for the dress, you're free to do what you want with it - you've made the donation. Once it leaves the shop it's yours.

I'd definitely go for the skin care option. If you feel guilty afterwards, just make a small extra donation next time you are there.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is crazy! Whatever you find is yours to do with as you wish--rule #1 of thrift, right?