Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Random things, but we'll see how far I get


I've not been a very good little blogger lately. I have been reading your blogs, though! So that's good.

1. I've fallen in love with a lot of mormon bloggers, especially single mormon gals who sing and dance. I'm not mormon, but I like the mormons.

I have one negative mormon story, though. One of my bridesmaids was mormon. She is totally awesome. However, right after my wedding (and I mean, right after! I was going to the receiving line) she took me aside and told me how sad she was because I had not been married properly and that she was upset that my husband and I would not be together forever after this life. It was kind of a downer.

(I'm actually okay with not being a family forever. I love my husband and I totally lucked out in the kid department but I know there's good things in the hereafter for us).

But other than that, I've got no complaints. Yay, Mormons! (Don't leave me any mean comments - I really like you! and I still really like my bridesmaid, so don't get all offended).

2. My skin is a wreck. I don't know what to do. I think I have a real case of acne. It's not just break outs any more. It's full on zit wars. What should I do? I just bought the zit line of Boots, so I hope that kicks in soon. Proactive did nothing for me.

3. My middle daughter has this habit of always putting her sticker from her McDonalds crispy chicken ranch snack wrap (say that ten times fast) on her shirt. It says something about being a special order. It makes me smile.

4. I was wondering this week if anyone has ever tattooed the good housekeeping seal of approval on their skin. How's that for random?

5. I was told today that we will be hiring someone for me to supervise that will actually get paid more than me but I will be their boss. Supposedly it's a one to two year job, but it will be more of a government position, hence the pay bump. I'm trying to decide if I want to keep my job with future security or apply for this temp job for the increase in salary. I'm 99% sure I'll keep my job, but it stinks, ya know. But as I said, it's really none of my business what anyone else makes.

6. It's Survivor Night! Yay.

7. I told the costumer that I would be losing weight, but as of yet, I haven't made any progress in that area. I hope she sews my costume last.

8. I need to think of something awesome to sell on etsy.

9. Whenever my daughter leaves my company for the company of her peers, I always say... No gin tonight, son. And she says... Ah, pop. And I say... Not one drop. And then we say together... Boys and Girls and Music. Why do they need gin?

10. Bonus number ten. If you tell me where number 9's quote comes from I will send you a little prezzie. Well, the first one who tells me, anyway. It's not that hard.

11. I have become the self appointed ambassador of goodwill and employee morale at work. I had a little valentines challenge. If you sent someone a letter of appreciation, I entered you into a drawing. Lots of people participated and lots of fun was had by all. The prizes were pretty good, too.

12. Have you tried the new liquid flair pens? I think they are my new favorite.

13. Have you seen the new spring skirts from Boden? I want them all.

14. Have you seen the new show "Lie to Me" ? I like it.

15. Last night, on American Idol, the three people that I really wanted to win the round actually made it. I am usually disappointed with these things, but not last night. Very happy.

16. I have been obsessed with McDonald's fries lately. I think I've had them four times this week. I hereby pledge to not have any more McDonald's fries for at least two months.

17. I have not eaten meat, other than the occasional fish sandwhich, which sometimes accompanies my fries, for over a month. I like being meat free, but I am not political or fanatical about it. If I decide I want to eat meat tomorrow, I will and not feel one little bit of guilt about it. I just find that I like the way I feel better without meat coursing through my bod. However, filet o'fishes make me feel totally gross so I will ban those, as well.

18. My 30 day shred has been more sporadic than I care to admit. I did four days in a row and then did some walking on the days since. I will get back on it again. I really do want to do 30 days in a row to see if I get the results that are advertised. I need to think of it as a consumer rights project.

19. Oooh, 19. I am so close!

20. My daughter came home from a friends house where she had lunch. She explained her sandwhich as having cheese, bologna with a sweet and delicious mayonnaise. It was Miracle Whip. Gag.

21. We just got a Christmas card in the mail that was postmarked Dec. 18th. I wonder where it was all this time.

22. I like to take a can of black beans, a diced tomato, a diced onion and a can of corn and mix it all together and eat it on top of a lettuce salad. It is very delicious and has replaced the taco salad that I used to eat almost everyday.

23. If I could, I would eat out every day. For lunch and dinner.

24. Tomorrow is Friday and I am very happy about that. I get to wear jeans to work. I will also clean up my office piles to make Monday a pleasant thing to think about.

25. And for number 25... The first thing that popped into my head was Liz Lemon. I think she has my dream job.

I did it. 25 things. I'm off to use my new skin care regime and maybe I'll pair up the basket of socks while I watch Survivor. TTFN.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I totally cheated and Googled it.
It's A Wonderful Life?

Ig that girl Tatiana the Drama Queen had made it on Idol, I was going to have to stop watching.

Amy A. said...

Don't you know that cheater's never prosper? But you get a reward for playing anyway. Send me your addy and I will send you a little something. :P

Jen said...

Phew! I thought I was the only non-Mormon captivated (and at times, haunted) by Mormon blogs-- Nienie's blog in particular.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You and your daughter are both charming!
Have you tried honey on your skin? It works for my break outs. Just a drop.

Sue said...

break outs? Ugh, I dealt with that forever it seemed, but obviously not since I'm not dealing with it now....but my daughter has a terrible time with it too, and she discovered that it was milk products. Well, it seems milk has hormones in it because cows are given that to help them produce more. That makes her skin go into overdrive zit production. It can be any type of milk product from cheese to yougurt to sour cream. Hard to avoid, but when she does she doesn't have to deal with it so much...

Geraldine Belinda said...

I think we're around the same age and I've found the Philosophy line at Sephora (JCPenney) works for my chin acne--and my 16 yr old daughter's skin as well. It's called something like "On a Clear Day" and they have a starter pack if you want to try the whole system.