Thursday, January 22, 2009

This week has been a doozy!

1. I laughed at a blind person - Story below.

2. I had to tell an employee to cover up - she was giving us all a show.

3. I had to fire someone. Oh, the humanity. It was so sad, but hopeful, because she will be in a better place for her skills.

4. I have to learn a data base and it's making me feel Stoopid.

5. Someone got mugged in our parking lot.

6. LOST started!!

Okay, so here is my embarrassing story...

I had been having a fairly hysterical day anyway, what with the stress of my job. So I took a little drive in my car and when I returned, there was this woman smoking right under the NO SMOKING ON OUR PROPERTY sign.

It just tickled me for some reason and I burst out laughing. The woman calls out, "What are you laughing at?" And I just told it like it was. "I'm laughing at you!" I said.

She asks why, and I said I find it hilarious when people smoke right there because of the sign.

Then she says, "Well, I wouldn't know. I'm blind."

And then I see the white cane.

She was really good natured and I just said that how was she supposed to know unless I told her, and then I gave her this sort of awkward sideways hug that she leaned into and then it was over.

I went inside and had a little wallow in my embarrassment and now I am telling you.

It's actually pretty funny. I hope.


blackbird said...

OMG. That is kinda funny.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Young employees with too much skin showing? When I worked for Barnes and Noble we used to ask the girls, "would you wear this to a club?". If they said yes, we would say "then don't wear it to work".

Mr.Brian said...

Yep that is funny.Sounds like a candid camera prank.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is funny--in that "Oh crap!" kind of way.