Thursday, March 27, 2008

For Today

Todays weather: Snowing. Again.

Todays breakfast: Apples, oranges, banana and a string cheese. String cheese is a very convenient take-along food.

Todays lunch: Hopefully eaten out if a friend calls back. If not, I have a package of ground turkey just waiting to be turned into taco meat.

Todays quote: A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult. (I'm thinking this must be from Proverbs).

Todays big chore: The bathroom scrub down/springtime makeover (I will not let the snow beat me) and organization of the linen closet.

Todays beverage of choice: Starting with hot black tea, then moving on to Coke Zero.

Today I will say good morning to every person that comes into work with the hopes that they will have a good day and be blessed in a special way that is obvious. The kind of thing that's out of the norm, that will make a person actually think, "Wow, I've just been blessed"!

And I hope you are blessed in some amazing way, too!


alice c said... could always drop by and spring clean my bathroom and then I can assure you I could feel DEEPLY blessed.

Melissa said...

Oh that deep spring clean--feels SO good when it's done. I like your resolve to give a cheerful greeting to everyone you meet. I shall duplicate your efforts.

Sue said...

Hey! Saying good morning! What a good idea. I should keep that in mind when I work up front, too. I'm too easily distracted by my long list of 'other' jobs!