Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Yup, it's the 25 things things I never tire of post

I am ashamed to say that I made my list during church. I kept covering it with my hand when my husband looked over and he asked me later what I was writing, but I didn't say. Now, he'll know I wasn't paying attention.

But that's okay. He often will get screenplay ideas during church and asks to borrow paper so he can write out an outline. I wonder where those scraps of paper go.

So, without further ado... my 25 things.

1. Sharpie pens
2. Blank books/thank you notes/stationary/paper supplies in general
3. lip balm - My current fave is My Favorite Lip Balm from Bath and Body
4. East Coast bloggers, they are the early posters! And west coast posters who give me something to look forward to in the afternoon.
5. The library
6. clean sheets
7. pajamas
8. nice people
9. thrift stores
10. fabric scraps
11. taco salads - I eat them almost every day
12. knitting patterns
13. craft books
14. long sleeve t-shirts, even in summer
15. aprons
16. the mall - mostly for people watching and lattes
17. pajama day - stay in and be cozy days.
18. It's a Wonderful Life
19. My kid's art
20. thoughtfulness - intentional acts of kindness. The random acts are good, but I like the on purpose ones better.
21. kids who take a shine to me
22. fairy lights
23. reading
24. dates with hubby
25. lists


carrie said...

Great list, Amy. But written in church?! Ahem. =)

The consignment store I mentioned is in RV, about 20 miles away. So worth the drive!

blackbird said...

LOVE the list.

Anonymous said...

#24 should be #1 =)
Now you know what it's like to be inspired to write during church!

Beckyb said...

What a fun list - NOW you've got me thinking...BUT NOT during church!!! :)

Sue said...

I always write during church, so when I'm off on my own tangent no one knows the difference. It's what I do! (Doodling is another favorite thing esp during boring stretches of...well, lots of things) But I love your list!

Sarah Louise said...

Great list. What are fairy lights?

And church--you were paying attention to love. Ha ha on the "anonymous" comment. Um, I have no vw...oh, there it is.