Friday, January 18, 2008

Bits and pieces

I'm don't have anything wonderful to post, but I can't go from Saturday to Saturday without posting anything, so I will just talk a little about what I've been doing.

I used my birthday gift certificate to have my manicure this week. My nails are a shimmering gold color and the whole process was wonderfully relaxing.

I had lunch with a friend (Chinese!) this week.

The coffee shop got a new espresso machine and it is too fabulous for words. I'm going to have to limit myself or all of my expendable cash will be spent there. And where would that leave my friendly little thrift shop?

I've done some ebay research and found that a lot of the things I find in the thrift stores are too readily available and I that avenue is not a real money maker for me.

I still have not painted the kitchen, but the paint is waiting for me, already bought and paid for. The task of scrubbing down the kitchen does not appeal at the moment. I also want to dejunk the kitchen.

Speaking of de-junking - the whole house needs to be done. Anyone need a job? I'll pay in yummy latte's.

My daughter. My lovely, lovely daughter. I had a sad moment yesterday and she willingly hugged me tight and when I made the first move to let go, she squeezed tighter. Sometimes I don't feel like I'm doing anything right in her area, but this gave me hope. I love her so.

There is more snow. And below zero temps.

Survivor is having open auditions less than five hours away from me. Hmmmm???

My exercise program is back on track. Yay!

I got a new pair of jeans. Levi's 515's are where it's at.

Gotta go! I'll try to do better next week. I've got pictures in the camera to show you.


*carrie* said...


Enjoyed this random post.

Are you serious about the needing a job/dejunking thing? I really love to sort and organize! I've been in that zone all week at our house!

Are the Survivor auditions in MSP? We watch that show every season with the same group. Did you read my post on that back in the fall? So much fun!

blackbird said...

Audition for Survivor!

Sue said...

Wow you would make a great survivor! How about the Amazing Race? That would be fun to do, too. Though I confess, I don't know where auditions are. I think you send a tape first. Anyway, either way it would be something really outside the norm!

Sarah Louise said...

Again she skim reads and again she misses a key part of the post--SURVIVOR??

Moving right along to things that I can actually talk or write about intelligently:

I had Chinese for lunch last week with a friend!

And today, coup of all coups, I spent $12.20 on the following (TOTAL, including tax):

A London Fog winter coat, black. Needs a button moved and a dry clean, former owner had a white cat, it seems.

4 lightbulbs, 60 watts

A pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans

A pair of Gloria Vanderbilt capris.

A roll of Christmas wrapping paper (it was an impulse buy at the check out.)

(All the clothing items were half off their already low low prices.)

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is enjoyable. A blog AND 4 kids, man I'm a slacker!
Happy to see you had a gift certificate too!