Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dog Rescue

Tonight on my walk I saw my dog wandering around my neighborhood. I called him and he came, but was squirmy and he kept pulling his head out of his collar.

I knocked at a stranger's door to ask to borrow a leash. This is small town America where you can borrow stuff from strangers. They had one handy and I said I would be right back.

Well... the closer I got to home, the more this dog didn't look right. He seemed a little heavier and lighter colored. When I came to our front door, I knocked and asked my husband, "Is this our dog?"

It wasn't. In my defense, it was dark out. I am not a dog thief.

I got the dog back to where he belonged, where he promptly ran off again, but the owner didn't seem too terribly worried. I returned the leash and came home to take a good, hard look at my dog.

I'm glad I wasn't bitten.

1 comment:

sherri said...

I'll keep this in mind...don't pick up stray dogs even if you think it might be yours. ;)

We'll see if blogger lets me post. I tried to comment on your Spanish 101 song (¡Que bueno!), but it keeps throwing me off...