Thursday, October 11, 2007

Because I don't know how and don't care to learn

I would like to upload these videos for you to see. I thought I could do it, but then it just stalls and doesn't upload and the computer jams up and, oh! the frustrations.

So here are some links to stuff I like.
This is funnier to me now that I work at a library.

Medieval Help Desk

THE PRETENDER... I really, really love this video. It makes me want to go out and fight some foo.

Thank you very much for your kind comments on my previous post.


Sarah Louise said...

I'll look at these later, but Medieval help desk is one of my favorites!!

carrie said...


The library video was so funny! Next time I see you there, I'll be sure to order my lunch very quietly. =)

blackbird said...

hey - when you go to the video page on youtube, there is a box that says 'embed' - copy the code in the box and put it on your post page (in html setting) and voila...

email me if you want a tutorial.

blackbird said...

Oh - just saw the title of the post...
it's okay, nevermind.