Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Will the sun never shine again?

It's gray... Gray, gray, gray.

We have had maybe two moments (I would say days, but they were really only moments) of time above the 70's here.

I like 68. 68 is the perfect temperature for me, but we haven't even had that.

I might have to write a really sad song. Or a SAD (that disorder that comes for seasonal distress due to bad weather) song.

I'm wearing yellow to try to combat the grayness, and it is helping about 2%.

I might have to eat a popsicle in rebellion. In fact, why don't you eat one, too?

Come on, world... Help me stick it to the (weather)man and eat a popsicle in solidarity and show our disapproval of fall time weather during the spring season!

It's almost summer, for pete's sake!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Yellow has that kind of impact? I never knew! Am finding some yellow STAT!

Kaylen said...

I would like it to be less gray...however, I am REALLY liking the last month of not having to have my sprinkler system running!! I'm saving tons of money so far this summer just on the water bill.