Thursday, May 06, 2010

It's a challenge

I'm doing something hard. I thought it was going to be easy. A snap. A piece of cake. But it's harder than I expected!

I'm acting in a play (WITHOUT MUSIC! It's easy to fall back on those songs to let your character shine through). And I have to develop a character and try to be cute and much younger than I really am.

I have to have depth. Be simple, yet wise. Be angry, yet likable. Be innocent, but savvy. It's hard, I tell ya!

But I have a great director and she is patient and I know I'll get it. It's just not there quite yet.

I'm getting invaluable acting lessons through this experience so I'm glad I'm doing it and I'm excited to be learning.

So, what's your next challenge?

1 comment:

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oooh, you make a good point about how music makes it easy to develop a character. So true!
Hm, my latest challenge is the strawberry bed--totally taken over by grass and requiring a TOTAL do-over. Yikes.