Monday, April 24, 2006

Heather at One Womans World drove me crazy this weekend. She posted a picture of an actor's eyes and you had to guess the actor, the movie and the character he played. I cannot tell you how long I stared at that picture. I had a couple of guesses but didn't want to commit. Turns out it was Colin Firth playing Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. He did cross my mind, but I just wasn't sure.

So, in the spirit of Heather's blog, can you guess the non-famous, non-actress person in this picture who is a character, even when she isn't playing one? What? Stumped? Could it be... Amy?

I am at a crucial moment that every woman faces at some point in her life. Do I trim the fringe or let the bangs grow? Decisions, decisions.

I have been reading about self-portraits in my Creating Keepsakes magazine and on some super blogs. I'm sorry to say, I just don't have the knack. No matter where I put that camera, it comes out looking like a mug shot. One was reminiscent of that serial killer woman that Charlize Theron played. Probably the closest I'll ever come to looking like Charlize. So sad. I will keep practicing, though. For now, I'll just leave to pictures of myself to others. I have been inspired to get the old scrapbook supplies out again and give it another whirl. (Right after I get a hold on my laundry situation, my messy bedroom situation, the kitchen situation... the list goes on.) I've seen some super terrific scrapbook bloggers lately that have been so inspiring.

Peace! Amy

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Sarah Louise said...

Yeah, those self-portrait bloggers are a different breed. Mine don't come out well either! Oh well...I do like your other pics though!